What People Say About Us

As a Fee Only Financial Planner find out how we have helped people. From managing loans to prioritizing goals, building wealth or mitigating risk. Read on to understand how we have helped individuals take better decisions .



What they say about us


In our first conversation, Vivek comprehended my financial priorities and needs very well. Regular meetings gave me confidence in his approach towards financial planning. The expertise that he possesses on this subject is truly commendable. Most importantly he is someone who you can trust with his fee only financial planning services. Vivek is an excellent financial adviser who is committed to promote financial awareness. He helped me create a portfolio to achieve not just my financial goals, but also my life goals. The Investment policy statement designed by Wealth Crafts has helped to protect my portfolio during the current market crash (2020 Covid-19 Pandemic).

Sandeep Koul - Co - Founder & CTO - Humming Waves, Bangalore

The Comprehensive Financial Plan prepared by Wealth Crafts is solution oriented. The review and detailed analysis of my existing portfolio helped me take corrective action. The time and effort they have put in is really commendable. And it's worth the fee I have paid to them

Somnath Bhagat - Design Engineer - Intel, Bangalore

Vivek has been an eye opener for us in terms of managing our finances. He showed us the real picture of where we are positioned currently in terms of managing our finances and what we need to do to secure our current and future financials. He has been very approachable and friendly while providing any recommendations for our financial investments, suggestions and answering our doubts. Thanks Vivek for the service, my husband and I am satisfied with the experience!

Pooja Shiwani - Assistant Manager - KPMG - Bangalore

Vivek is a Fee Only Financial Planner and my personal wealth management guru!!. Being a Certified Financial Planner he has the insight to understand the needs of people and he helps us take the right decision in terms of managing our finances. He helped me understand the importance of adequate insurance and insisted that I was sufficiently insured. He is simple, straightforward, confidant, disciplined, insightful and talented. He researchs matter before coming back to you with an answer or to make a decision. I like that he helps us make decisions based on facts and experience gathered. Here's wishing Wealthcrafts all the success and that they scale new heights. All the best!!

Ameet Balakrishnan

As an NRI based in the US, I was happy to have found Vivek’s service. He had helped me with setting up a plan to start saving and to get started with investing. The fee-only planning aspect is something unique that worked well for me. He’s easy to reach and work with, and is upfront and honest about what he offers, and with his recommendations. I highly recommend Wealth Crafts for anyone looking to get started with managing their finances.

Vinay Varghese - Software Engineer - Ford Motors

I was totally clueless about finance before consulting with Vivek. I basically explained my immediate and future goals to Vivek and he penned down a robust plan for me to achieve them. He also analyses the clients mindset and thought process around finance to assess their willingness for risk taking and discipline towards money. I would highly recommend Vivek to anyone who requires a financial advisor and a great reliable friend!

Keshav Kumar - Software Engineer - Postman

Focus on Your Goals & Aspirations

At Wealth Crafts we strive to ensure that our clients are aware of how their emotional behaviour around managing the money is equally important for a successful financial journey. We take extreme care to ensure that we customize solutions for your unique situation.

I seeked Vivek's help in helping me managing my personal finance. His vast experience and knowledge in financial instruments has been very helpful in aligning my investments appropriately towards my goals keeping in account inflation, taxes etc. I would highly recommend Wealth Crafts' services.

Anshul Gupta

Vivek's approach of understanding a clients up bringing and behavioural pattern before suggesting any financial instrument is unique. He does not rush and impose his thoughts but instead meticulously understands his clients needs first before any suggestions. Would highly recommend Vivek for any financial advises.

Sudipta Biswas

Wealth Crafts is a trusted name to provide tailor-made investment solutions for every individual's requirement. Timely service backed with in-depth analysis is their USP. I would definitely recommend them to one and all.

Anjan Vishwanath - Director - Lumin Essence

Vivek is very thorough in fundamentals of investment. His technical advice is very well complimented by his integrity and best interest of his client. He is proactive , detailed and comprehensive in advice and support. It is pleasure to work with him and it feels safe with my investment. I will strongly recommend him for your financial planning services.

Amol Mukewar - Shell India

Really loved the way Vivek prepared my personal financial plan. Very thorough, very professional and very meticulous. Way to go Wealth Crafts

M Dathathreyan - HPE

I have been a client of Wealth crafts since Jan 2021. Wealth Crafts has helped me build a financial plan for myself based on my current financial status, risk appetite & future goals. I am happy with their service. I found Vivek, who heads Wealth Crafts & is the primary financial advisor, very professional. He is upfront with all the details related to the service & also provides the relevant documents for his credibility. I like Vivek's structured & meticulous approach of financial planning & his responsiveness & patience in answering the questions that I had. I plan to stay a client of Wealth Crafts in the future. I expect Wealth Crafts to do very well in their mission

Rahul Singh

"I came across Vivek while searching for financial advisor in India. When you don't know anything about financial advisors but just by reading one answer posted on Quora, you get all the necessary clarification, you know that the person who wrote this answer is knowledgeable and knows how to communicate things in the right way. I guess, these are 2 important qualities while choosing a financial advisor for yourself and that's how Vivek became my immediate choice. Vivek is extremely knowledgeable in his domain, is very patient and extremely professional. But most important thing is that Vivek connects with you on a personal level and helps to drive you towards achieving your financial goals. These are a few reasons among many that Vivek and his company are listed in top few SEBI registered Fee Only Financial Advisor. Vivek was able to resolve my financial issues effectively by reducing a huge overhead cost that I was paying because of my loans to an extent where it can be managed and finished within a short duration now. I saved a lot of money in that front. He reviewed my insurances and suggested with better insurance options which will fetch a much better result in the future. He advised me very well on all the possible investments that I should do to grow my money and be ready for my emergencies and future planning. He was able to align with my goals and channelize the money so that one day my goals become a reality. Basically, Vivek is someone you can completely rely on when it comes to finances and you will not regret it. I'm happy that I took this decision of going ahead with Vivek as my financial advisor and I hope to continue with him for the resolution of all my financial problems. Cheers ."

Aniket Mukherjee

"I was considering working with a FP since 2018 and was ever since procrastinating. In 2020 I started to research a lot about the type of FP and realized the importance of a fee-only FP. Still I was confused with whom I should work as there were FPs who had varying fee structures and I couldnt decide which one to choose (low fees was not a "no brainer" here as it was a one time decision ,just like getting married) and choosing a wrong FP could end in a disaster. So I researched for 3 months calling and taking free sessions with all FP. I did about 9 to 10 free sessions trying to understand and judge how they would work. Most of the sessions of the FP were about themselves what they had done, the portfolios they were handling and how I should work with them. Vivek's session was entirely different. It was completely about me, what I am and he spent 1.5 hours in the first session trying to understand me and what is best for me. That session was all about me. This was the click that made me decide that I was going to work with Vivek. The premiums that Vivek will charge is worth every bit of it. He proved what I had read somewhere- There is always someone who will do it for less (and a potrait of distorted Mona Lisa was below that). On top of it Vivek is very patient to answer all the why's behind the what's he suggest. Many FPs dont have that patience and follow the "my way or highway" approach. Vivek teaches me along what we do. He has taken calls for me on non-working days and has gone beyond just the role of a FP. He is helping me out with a situation which I wish doesn't fall on anyone- which was never his obligation, yet he is there for me. He goes on a personal level and understand my emotions behind my goals or thought process- emotional thinking is a great intangible asset in FP for which we can't put a number but it goes a long way for making the right decisions. I wish WC all the best."

Sahil Dhadwal

As an NRI based in Germany , I was always having problems while investing in India . I was doing the investment as per as my little understanding of finances in India. But some how I was lacking the pace and direction to achieve my goals. Then I got reference for vivek(Wealth craft). I explained my future goals to Vivek and he made a solid plan for me to achieve them. The thing which make his services unique is that , he not only provide the consultancy but also explains the rational behind it to end user. He’s easy to reach and work with. I call him whenever I have something in my mind and he always respond positively. I will highly recommend his services

Mohit Sharma
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